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McGill Manor Hawkesbury Answers Your Questions

What Is a Retirement Home?

A retirement home is a place that provides amenities, personal care, meals, personal support services, comfort and security. McGill Manor prioritizes a social lifestyle that promotes independence and autonomy in a safe and secure environment. We offer a wide range of services that we believe will meet your specific needs.


What Is the Size and Cost of the Rooms?

McGill Manor offers a variety of sizes and types of rooms, and prices that fit every budget. You can even share a room. We encourage you to personalize your room with your own furnishings.

What Is Included in the Rent?

A number of services are included in the rent: three meals per day, snacks, weekly housekeeping, qualified personnel available 24 hours per day, activities, care dispensed by a qualified staff, security and much more. Telephone and cable hook-ups are not included.


Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

Yes, a housing contract signed by the resident and the owner or the person responsible at McGill Manor is required. This contract protects both parties and their respective rights.


What If I Require Medical Assistance?

You are always free to consult your doctor or our nurse practitioner, who visits the residents every week. In addition, you have an emergency system consisting of a pendant that stays with you at all times, which indicates your location in the building whenever you activate it. We have qualified personnel on duty 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to assist you. A nurse or care attendant is always available to help you with your personal and medical needs.


What If I Require More Extensive Care?

If your health deteriorates and you must be transferred to a long-term care facility, we will inform your family, and with the help of your doctor, provide you with assistance in making the transition to a home where the appropriate adapted care is available.


What Kinds of Activities Are Available?

McGill Manor offers a wide range of activities, including outings, bingo, sandbag games, shows, celebrations for various occasions and much more. You are free to participate or not. We also offer hairdressing services. The balconies on the third and fourth floors provide an impressive view of the Laurentians and the town of Hawkesbury.


Can We Receive Guests?

Your guests are always welcome in our home. Invite them any time. They can even join you at mealtime.

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