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Letter from our President

When, I Normand Ravary, a citizen of the region, decided to build, in 1998, the first Manoir McGill (342 McGill), a new retirement home, I paid a lot of attention to how I would like to see my parents live their beautiful golden age . The inspiration of my parents led me to build Manor 1 in a legendary building in the town of Hawkesbury, which is the former Hospital Sacré Coeur de Marie, while respecting the original architectural.

In 2008, I extended the McGill Manor by building the McGill Manor 2 (261 McGill) in the old Holiday Motel also in Hawkesbury and with respecting the same standards. 

I am proud of the comfort our residents must feel, the pleasure our entertainment brings, the warmth of home-cooked meals and the feeling of a family atmosphere between our residents and our employees. 

My commitment is to provide you with a safe environment that promotes well-being and peace of mind which we are always working on to improve to serve you better. My team members are professionally trained and dedicated to your care and safety. 

I am committed in making a positive difference in the lives of my residents, like I promised to do for my parents.

As you begin your journey in the next chapter of your life, my wish is that you find peace, comfort, friendship, happiness and joy, here at McGill Manor, in buildings of your Heritage. 

With my trusted administrators : Gisèle St-Onge, my 34 year assistant and Director of finances and my new General Manager, Noëlla McKinnon, certified nurse for more than 21 years and without forgetting our team staff who will make a difference in your lives.

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